Why You Should Consider Renting A Tent For Your Wedding

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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The Party Place Has All Your Wedding Rental Needs

For those of you in the early stages of planning a wedding — don’t forget the necessities you need to rent! Renting out certain items, especially for a large wedding, is simply the smart choice to make. Not only does it save money, but also time and effort finding storage space for those items before or after the big event! When you’re in need of rental items for your wedding, look no further than The Party Place! Our extensive rental catalog has everything you could need!

The Party Place Offers Tent Rentals For Wedding

One of the most crucial decisions that couples grapple over in planning their wedding is the wedding venue. Aside from deciding whether to have the ceremony and reception together or at separate locations, they can choose between having an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings tend to be more seasonal but can offer the appeal of a glorious backdrop with minimal decor, and thus less cost. Wedding tents give you a chance to hold your wedding in a unique venue, combining outdoor elegance and grandeur with indoor comfort. Soon-to-be-married couples will find the quality, form, and function of Sperry Tents make for a grand outdoor wedding venue and a momentous occasion.

Sperry Tents are known for their quality pole tents which can accommodate any sized event, from rehearsal dinners to cocktail parties to an outdoor wedding reception for 300+ guests. Sperry Tents are unique and elegant tents that add to the aesthetics of your wedding theme and decor. Sperry Tents are elegant sailcloth tents handcrafted by sailmakers. These quality tents are sought after for their quiet luxury, classic detailing, and natural elegance — they are the ultimate outdoor venue. The Party Place has exclusively partnered with Sperry Tents to make these luxurious sailcloth rental tents available for your special Pacific Northwest outdoor wedding. To learn more about Sperry Tent rentals, email us or call The Party Place at (503) 548-4880.

Reasons To Consider Renting A Tent For Your Weddings

Still not convinced? Here are five great reasons to consider renting a tent for your wedding day.

Protection Against The Weather

The outdoors is the perfect place to have a wedding, but it’s important that you protect your guests against the harsh weather. Wedding tent rentals will ensure your guests are protected — so they can enjoy aspect of your wedding. Sperry Tents ensure that your guests are protected from uncooperative weather conditions such as extreme heat or pouring rain.

Easy To Decorate

A wedding tent offers a simple backdrop that can be effortlessly used to incorporate your wedding theme and decor. Sperry Tents make it easy to customize your outdoor venue and make it look authentic. With Sperry Tents, we can help you can create your own theme by adding centerpieces and lights. Wedding tents are easy to set up and bring down, which is a considerable time-saver when planning a wedding.

Save Money

Wedding tents are an affordable option compared to the indoor arena. Using wedding tents will allow you to save money — which means you can go ahead and buy that wedding dress you’ve been eyeing.

Less Stressful

Not knowing what the weather will look like on your big day can be stressful. Tents make it less stressful as you have a guarantee that your guests are protected from sun, heat, and rain.

Number Of Guests

Holding your wedding indoors will limit the number of guests you can have. A wedding tent will let you have an unlimited number of guests. You don’t have to cut any family members or friends from the guest list because of the limits of your venue. Tents will not only provide comfort for your guests but in the case of a larger wedding, you don’t have to worry about guest capacity.

The Party Place Is Your One-Stop Shop For All Party Rental Needs

Don’t miss out on our amazing deals for renting beautiful Sperry Tents! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or business parties — no matter the event, The Party Place has everything you need! Whether you need service ware to keep your food warm, lighting to brighten up your event, tables for your guests to sit at, or chairs for your guests to sit on, we have it all. To learn more about our amazing wedding rental items contact or call us at (503) 548-4880. The Party Place is the Portland area authority for event rentals, sales, and supplies.

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