What Do I Need For An Outdoor Fall Event?

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Party Place_What Do I Need For An Outdoor Fall Event

The Party Place offers the best in event rentals in the Portland area. Our extensive rental catalog covers any category for event supplies and rentals to make your event a success. While summer is in full swing now, it will also benefit event and party planners to think ahead to fall. Now is the time to plan out your fall events to make sure you have everything you need.

What Items Do You Need for an Outdoor Fall Event?

Outdoor events are popular in the fall when the weather is cooler but not too cold. If you’re planning an outdoor event this fall, here are a few party rentals you can find at The Party Place that will help make sure it is the best event possible.

Chairs and Tables

Of course, you want to make sure you have plenty of seating for all of your guests. Tables are important if you’re serving food of any sort. Make sure your guests are comfortable and give them places to gather around and visit.

Serviceware and Dishes

These are particularly important if you’re serving food at your outdoor fall event. You’ll need serviceware to keep food warm. Beverageware is available through The Party Place as well for serving drinks. Of course, you’ll also want to have all of the dishware, flatware, and glassware you need.


The sun sets early in the fall, but that’s no reason to have your outdoor event end early. Light up the night with The Party Place’s lighting options. The right lighting can set the mood for your outdoor fall event. Opt for string lights for a soft, fairytale look, or try our wine barrel package for lights for a more rustic touch.


Prevent your guests from feeling too chilly on those cool fall days and nights. The Party Place offers options for heating for your outdoor fall event.

Sperry Tents

Lastly, an outdoor event wouldn’t be complete without some shelter for your guests. The Party Place offers a variety of tent options, but we urge you to consider our Sperry Tents. Sperry Tents, now available through The Party Place, one of a kind tents that breathe during the day and glow invitingly at night. Made from real sailcloth rather than vinyl, each Sperry Tent is a unique and beautiful addition to any event. Learn more about Sperry Tents here.

The Party Place Offers the Best in Portland Event Rentals and Party Supplies

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, and holidays – no matter the event, The Party Place has everything you need! Whether you need service ware to keep your food warm, lighting to brighten up your event, tables for your guests to sit at, or chairs for your guests to sit on, we have it all.

Rent these items and more from The Party Place. Contact The Party Place today to discuss our extensive rental catalog and find the rentals that are right for your event. The Party Place is the Portland area authority in event rentals.


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