Tips For Planning A Quinceañera

Monday, September 16, 2019

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Get The Best Party Rental Items For A Quinceañera’s Celebration

Young girls across the country look forward to celebrating their Quinceañera on their 15th birthdays. This milestone celebration is an important marker in her life – the moment she transitions into becoming a mature woman who is capable of independence, confirming that she can make her own decisions and symbolizes her transition and growth into womanhood. Planning for a Quinceañera celebration is a big deal, and The Party Place is here to help guide you along the process.

Get Permission And Plan In Advance

After you’ve gotten your parent’s permission to have a Quinceañera celebration, you can go about planning. You’ll want to start planning early! Giving yourself as much as up to a year out can help make sure you have enough time to make all the preparations.

Set A Budget

Set a budget and stick to it. Not sure where to start? Make a list of all the things you’d like to include in your Quinceañera. Call around, get price quotes, and write those prices down. Be flexible and look for budget-friendly options. You can keep costs down by renting party necessities rather than buying. Be respectful to potential padrinos! When approaching potential sponsors, you should let them decide what they want to take care of. Let them ask you what you need.

Find A Celebration Space

There are many options to consider for your Quinceañera reception. You could book a reception hall, rent your church’s recreation space, or have it at home! Alternatively, you don’t have to have a formal reception at all. You can have a casual picnic in the park or have a pizza party at a place with games and activities. You could take a group of friends to an amusement park. You could even go bowling!

Design A Timeline

On the day of your Quinceañera, you’ll need to have a schedule in place. If you’re having a religious ceremony as part of your Quinceañera, check in with the church’s schedule. Remember that a Quinceañera is not considered a sacrament by the Catholic Church. Therefore if someone wants to book a wedding on the same day, they’ll get preferential treatment. If you want a “guaranteed” time, you can have a blessing by the priest at the end of a regularly scheduled Mass. Keep in mind your parents’ preferences for start and end times. If you want a church ceremony, consider starting your Quinceañera in the late morning and continue the reception through the afternoon and end in the early evening. Make sure, also that you have a firm ending time. If you book a venue, your time will be determined by the facility. However, you still want to have a firm end time for at-home parties so you don’t end up with people lingering too long.

Plan For Decorations

Just as there are many types of Quinceañeras, there are many ways to decorate your party.

Choose a theme or a direction. You can give your Quince a fancy theme like Masquerade or Renaissance then choose decorations and invitations to match. Or you can just pick a color scheme you like as a way to tie things together. The only thing to keep in mind is to not have the reception decorations so different that they clash with your dress and court of honor outfits. You want all the photos to look good, even the selfies.

Keep decor simple or go all out. Let your personal taste decide what’s included in the decorations—flowers, streamers, balloons, lights—then let your budget decide how much of each thing you have. It really is perfectly okay to just have nice tablecloths and a simple centerpiece.

Make Your Quinceañera Celebration A Huge Success With Help From The Party Place

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