Tips and Tricks for Renting Party Necessities

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Party Place_Tips and Tricks for Renting Party Necessities

Many people may not consider party supply rentals as an option unless faced with planning an event of grand proportions, but for anything larger than a dinner-sized gathering, renting is often easier and more efficient than buying party supplies. If you’re planning on throwing a big shindig, then chances are you will need to rent a few items to accommodate your guests.

Think of all the things you’ll need to keep your guests comfortable. Do you have enough seats? Do you need a table or two or twenty? Then you’ll need tablecloths and linens as well. If you are feeding your guests, do you have enough dishware, utensils, and glassware? It’s true that some of these things can be bought at prices that are comparable to renting fees. But do you have the space to store hundreds of dishes, or dozens of tables and chairs? Do you have the time and energy to wash as many dishes as you have guests – before and after use?

Plan for mishaps. Renting saves a lot of labor and headache. And let’s not forget the task of having to prepare for the unexpected. For example, plan to order about ten extra plates, forks, knives, napkins, etc. This covers you for any mishaps with the dishware or just to make sure your caterers/vendors/hired staff are taken care of as well.

Consider beverage service options. If you don’t plan on assigning someone the task of washing the glassware throughout the event, you’ll either need to order a large quantity (three per guest is a good amount), or make sure your guests know to use only one glass throughout the entire event. In that case, nametags or beverage markers can help people keep track of their cups, and a large eye-catching sign near the drinks will make sure everyone knows about the one glass per person rule.

Serving cake or other desserts? You’ll want to consider having additional dishware and flatware service and perhaps matching trays and cake stands.

Ordering your quantities. If you’re ordering your rental items before you have a solid headcount on how many guests will be attending, put in your initial order for a higher amount than expected. The Party Place allows for cancellations up to 48 hours in advance of the event, so you’ll have time to get a better idea of what attendance will be closer to the event date.

Check and check again. Lastly, a week before your event, be sure to carefully read over the rental order. It helps to have a second set of eyes go over it, too. You’ll want to make sure you check your list against your order and don’t forget to confirm both delivery and pick-up times for your rentals.

The Party Place wants to make your rental experience is a positive one. If you need help deciding on the look and feel for your party, visit The Party Place’s online showroom. The Party Place is the Portland area authority in event rentals.

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