The Origin Of The Bentwood Or Thonet Chair

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Party Place_The Origin Of The Bentwood Or Thonet Chair

When you need a chair that is familiar but not boring, classic but not outdated, you’ll want to rent the Bentwood Chair.

The name may sound too obvious to be true, but it is in fact named for bending wood in a process that was patented by Michael Thonet (TOE-NET). It should be noted that the familiar bentwood design was used in chairs centuries before Mr. Thonet had perfected the process of bending wood for furniture, but he is largely credited for popularizing the design. To date, over tens of millions of bentwood chairs have been produced.

Bentwood chairs are chosen for their sleek modern look. The simple perfection makes a blank canvas, so the rest of your party theme can be pronounced.

Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso were known to have original bentwood chairs by Michael Thonet.

You don’t have to solve gravity or become a famous painter to feature bentwood chairs at your party. You can simply get them at The Party Place.

You can choose bentwood chairs in white or black. We have a huge variety to choose from at The Party Place. And if you’re curious, you can even browse the other specialty chair styles we have available for rent.

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