The 3 T’s of Outdoor Party Rentals

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Party Place_The 3 T's of Outdoor Party Rentals

You are planning an outdoor party and you don’t want to forget anything. The three items below may sound obvious once you read them, but oddly enough, it is the obvious items we seem to forget. Often they escape detection and don’t become obvious until the day of your event, when you don’t have them.


Let’s walk through the three T’s of outdoor party rentals.


The first thing you will want to decide is whether to go with a clear tent or a white tent. Some are concerned that the clear tents create a greenhouse effect and could warm up and melt anything inside the tent, including the cake and the guests, but for an evening event these clear tents are often the the perfect touch for adding something special to the occasion. Click to see a selection of Clear Tent Rentals Options.

White tents provide the best shade and also come in more sizes and options. You can even get a White Gable Tent or a Stage Cover with Valance.  Your options more than double when you choose to go with a white tent. Click to see all the White Tent Rental Options.


The most popular tables are going to be banquet tables.  They are usually 6 or 8 feet long, but they also come in shorter 4 foot sizes. You may want to consider a lower height for children, these are 24 inches high. Most tables are 30 inches across, but you can widen the table with additional table tops—a huge benefit if you don’t want the dining tables to feel crowded. Check out a full set of Table Rental Options.


This is a big one. Even though this is grouped as one item, it covers multiple items. Your linen, flatware, china, glassware and any other tableware and design accessories that support your theme. Linen is the easiest way to add color to the party and reinforce the color palette you have chosen. Flatware can be picked to impress or create a personality or follow a theme; we even have flatware with plastic bamboo handles. When you select your china you will want to think about shape as well as color and size. Finally, glassware is not just about aesthetics, you will also want to consider having enough glasses for every type of beverage you intend to pour.

There are plenty of other considerations for outdoor party rentals, but you will definitely want to start with the three T’s.

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