Surprise and Disguise: 2019 Party Trends

Monday, December 31, 2018

The Party Place_Surprise and Disguise_2019 Party Trends

Party Ideas for 2019

In the new year keep things new and interesting with your party planning. The year has only started, but there may already be someone special in your life – or several someones – whose birthday you are anticipating. Throwing someone a unique, fun, memorable birthday is a gift that is hard to match. In 2019, incorporating surprise and disguise into your event can really put your planned party over the top.

Surprise Your Guests

The party itself doesn’t have to be a surprise, but try incorporating a surprise element to wow the guest of honor. Doing something unexpected can really keep everyone engaged and on their toes. For example, try a candy-filled cake that spills its sweets once it’s cut open. Instead of regular candles to top the birthday cake, try mini sparkler candles that give an extra show when lit. Get creative with it!

Creative Disguises

Another way to keep mystery and whimsy in your party is to creatively disguise things as other things. This can be done with food, decorations, place settings and more! You could use cake batter to fill ice cream cones and top with icing to make it look like ice cream. Macaroons can be made to look like a number of things – like slices of fruit, mini waffles, or even cute animal faces. Floral pieces can be arranged to look like fruit, animals, or other fun objects.

Rent the Necessities

Whatever you decide to do with your parties and events in the new year, don’t forget to shop The Party Place’s extensive rental catalog for all your party needs. Renting saves you space to store all of the things you need for the party, time in finding the necessities, and of course money! Whether you need service ware to keep your food warm, lighting to brighten up your event, tables for you guests to sit at, or chairs for your guests to sit on, we have it all. The Party Place is the Portland area authority in event rentals. Contact The Party Place today to discuss our extensive rental catalog and find the rentals that are right for your event.

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