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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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Many events do not require the same trappings as a wedding and reception, or an awards ceremony followed by a sit-down dinner. Parties, meetings, and conferences require rental packages that differ greatly from those associated with weddings and awards. While hard-backed chairs and dinner tables may be necessary, there are more seating options than you may think. Consider these great alternatives to traditional seating.

Rummer Sofas – Seat up to four people on these luxurious, cushy sofas. Deep, wide and luxurious, these are opulent addition to any event.

Dunthorpe Sofas – These contemporary davenports can eat 3-4 people comfortably and are a trendy addition to any event

Powell Tufted Chairs – Treat your conference attendees to these fabulously stylish chairs and expect positive reviews.

Harrison Chairs – A Harrison Chair is a sleek, modern alternative to traditional hardback chairs.

Klein Chairs – Klein Chairs are dramatically deep and tall without being imposing. Offered in a vibrant burnt orange hue, these bold chairs are surprisingly neutral and will compliment most design arrangements.

Create seating arrangements with these options complemented by the glass-topped Heathman Coffee Table or Lux Side Table.

Rent these items and more from The Party Place. The Party Place is the Portland area authority in event rentals. Contact The Party Place today to discuss our extensive rental catalog and find the rentals that are right for your event.

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