Start Preparing For The Happy Holidays Now

Monday, August 26, 2019

The Party Place_Start Preparing For The Happy Holidays Now

The Party Place Has Everything You Need For Your Corporate Holiday Event

The year of 2019 is moving fast! In fact, two-thirds of the year is gone already, and the year’s end is closer than you think. Event planners know that the key to planning a successful event is staying ahead of the curve, which means that the time to start planning for your big holiday event is now!

Many businesses and corporations put on events towards the end of the year. Whether it’s to give their employees a chance to have a bit of fun and celebrate the holidays, or as a fundraiser, holiday events are always big ones. Event corporations need to save money, though. You don’t want to exceed the budget you have for your corporate holiday event, after all! The perfect way to make sure you have everything you need for your holiday event without going over budget is to rent from The Party Place.

Make The Holidays Merry And Bright With Event Rentals From The Party Place

The Party Place has everything you need to run the perfect holiday corporate event. The Party Place has all the tables and chairs you need to make sure your guests are seated comfortably. We carry enough lighting to brighten up your event. Looking for a specific item for your holiday event? Check out our extensive rental catalog to look for that special item!

Keep Your Food And Beverage Stored Safely With Service Ware

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without the food! There’s hardly a holiday party or event that doesn’t provide the guests with something delicious and filling to eat! Keeping the food warm and protected is an important part of making sure the guests at your corporate holiday event are satisfied. For that, you’ll need service ware! The Party Place Provides quality service ware that will keep the food at your holiday event warm and fresh for the duration of your event! No matter the size of the dish, The Party Place has something for you. For example, we carry four different brass chafers – in round, half, full, and deluxe. There’s something in the service ware section of our rental catalog for all your corporate event needs!

Use The Party Place’s Rental Catalog To Help Plan For Your Holiday Corporate Event

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or corporate events — no matter the event you’re planning, The Party Place has everything you need! Whether you need service ware to keep your food warm, lighting to brighten up your event, tables for your guests to sit at, or chairs for your guests to sit on, or heating equipment for your outdoor event, we have it all. Contact The Party Place or call us at (503) 548-4880 today to discuss our extensive rental catalog and find the rentals that are right for your next event.


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