Sperry Tents Provides Beautiful, Handcrafted Tents

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Party Place_Sperry Tents Provides Beautiful, Handcrafted Tents


Sperry Tents Bring Elegance to Your Outdoor Event

Are you hosting an outdoor event soon? Do you need a tent that doesn’t detract from the aesthetic you need to portray? Do you have an interest in bringing unique, handcrafted items to your event? Sperry Tents are the ultimate outdoor venue. Around the world, Sperry Tents are sought after for their quiet luxury, classic detailing, and natural elegance. Make your next occasion a truly memorable one by renting a Sperry Tent as your outdoor venue.

Sperry Tents Provides Handcrafted Excellence

Quality craftsmanship has always been held in high esteem across America, and Sperry Tents prides itself on providing the best handcrafted event tents. Each and every Sperry Tent is a sophisticated, thoughtfully conceived piece of fabric art marked by handcrafted timber support poles and nautical design cues.

Every canopy is first designed and manufactured at Sperry Tents’ sister company Sperry Fabric Architecture, located in coastal Massachusetts. While some of the construction techniques involve modern technologies like CAD and a mechanized cloth cutter, most of the work, from sewing to grommet pressing, is still done by hand by local craftsmen. This means each and every Sperry Tent is a unique piece of art.

Where can you rent quality tents for outdoor events?

If you’re looking for just the right touch to make your outdoor event elegant and memorable, rent a Sperry Tent. The Party Place offers tent rentals that will accommodate a guest list of up to 400 seated guests. If you want to learn more about renting a Sperry Tent, contact The Party Place or call us at (503) 548-4880.


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