Romantic, Outdoor Wedding Reception Lighting

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Party Place_Romantic, Outdoor Wedding Reception Lighting

Outdoor weddings in the Pacific Northwest require special attention paid to lighting, especially when festivities are expected to proceed well into the night. Consider these few unique and unexpected lighting options for your rustic outdoor, spring or summer wedding.

Cafe Lights – These charming lights are the most common outdoor event lighting. Their soft golden glow is universally flattering -which is perfect for unlimited candid reception pics.

LED Pillar Candles – Avoid the fire danger of wax candles but supply all the romantic ambiance with the soft, romantic glow of these remarkably authentic appearing LED pillar candles.

LED Light Curtain – These fun panels impart a celebratory mood and a perfect way to frame the back of a stage or the walls of a tent.

Traditional String Lights – Whether you wrap them around tree trunks, string them from branches or use them to illuminate pathways, these multipurpose string lights are easy to find a use for.

Wine Barrel Lights – These lovely lighting structures utilize vintage wine barrels to create gorgeous ambient light for your dance floor or bar area.

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