Out-Of-The-Box Party Ideas For Your Outdoor Event

Friday, May 4, 2018

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Planning an outdoor event in the peak of outdoor event season? Looking of for unique ways to create a memorable fete that won’t simply blend into the tapestry of spring and summer garden parties? Consider these few tips to upgrade your event from weekend event to party of the year!

Creative Carnival

Add items like cotton candy machines, popcorn carts, snow cone makers, and helium balloons to give your event a fairway feel. These part additions are perfect for midsummer events.

Disco Fantasy

Your dance floor rental will become the highlight of your party with the simple addition of these three things: a bubble machine, a fog machine, and a disco ball. Prepare for a light and smoke show to rival the most exciting dance clubs.

Outdoor Gaming Celebration

Adult birthday parties can often pale in comparison to their childhood counterparts, but you can relive the excitement of youth with these decidedly adult party games. Add horseshoes, a rugged tug-of-war rope or a shimmering golden raffle wheel to your event for a party none of your fun-loving adult pals will soon forget.

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