Make Your Wedding a Fairy Tale Dream with Sperry Tents and Floral Décor

Monday, May 6, 2019

The Party Place_Make Your Wedding a Fairy Tale Dream with Sperry Tents and Floral Décor


Make Your Wedding Dreams a Reality with Help from The Party Place

The Party Place has all of your wedding rental needs. Whether you need more practical items like serviceware or chairs or are looking for something to put the finishing touches on your décor, The Party Place has just what you need in our rental catalog.

Sperry Tents Make the Perfect Setting for Your Fairy Tale Wedding

For outdoor weddings and receptions, having a tent to shield yourself and your guests from the weather is standard. However, you don’t want just any tent for your wedding. You want a Sperry Tent.

Sperry Tents are beautiful, handcrafted pieces of art. Made from sailcloth rather than vinyl, Sperry Tents breathe during the day and glow invitingly at night. With a vinyl tent, you risk the tent detracting from the aesthetic of your wedding. A Sperry Tent will elevate your wedding’s décor, lending a sense of style and sophistication to the event. Learn more about Sperry Tents here.

Add Floral Accessories for a Fairy Tale Wedding

After the most recent royal wedding, floral décor is “in” in a big way. What better way to compliment the dreamy, soft look of a Sperry Tent than to add floral accents? Under a breezy, beautiful Sperry Tent and surrounded by floral decorations on all sides, you’re sure to feel like a princess on your special day.

The Party Place has all you’ll need to set up your floral décor. Deck out one of our beautiful arbors with as many floral accents as you like. Fill out the rest of your wedding scene with lattice stands, decorative columns, and boxwood hedges – all of which can be decorated with more flowers. You’re sure to find just what you need for your floral-themed wedding in our altar and floral accessories.

The Party Place — Serving Portland with the Very Best in Wedding Rentals & Services

The Party Place has everything you could need for your wedding. Whether you need serviceware to keep your food warm, lighting to brighten up your event, tables for your guests to sit at, or chairs for your guests to sit on, we have it all.  The Party Place is the Portland area authority in event rentals. Contact The Party Place today to discuss our extensive rental catalog and find the rentals that are right for your event.

To learn more about our amazing lounge furniture rentals, contact us or call us at (503) 548-4880.


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