Lighting for Outdoor Fall Parties

Monday, November 12, 2018

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Fall is well underway and daylight savings time has finally given us back our extra hour. Falling back an hour, though, leaves us finding that it gets dark even earlier in the evening. As early as 6 pm, the sun has sunk below the horizon and left the sky dark. If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor party in the evening, this could leave your guests fumbling. The Party Place has just the solution for those dark fall evenings.

No need to end the festivities early. With the right outdoor lighting, your guests can be comfortable and ready to eat, dance, and make merry well into the night.

Standalone lamps work well in areas without heavy foot traffic. Our globe lamp post features 8 inch white plastic globes, with 40 Watt bulbs each, for 160 Watts total, and a cord 16 feet long. The ivory 3”x4” LED pillar candle makes an excellent addition to your tables’ centerpieces.

Overhead lighting is available, too. Our cafe lights come in strings at 48 feet in length, with bulbs spaced 2 feet apart. They can be installed along canopy edges or with bases/uprights. Maximum wattage is 1,440 watts. For a different look and lighting smaller areas, consider our 10 globe light strand, which has clear plastic 6″ globes every 4′ on 40′ coil cord and uses 40 watt bulbs for 400 watts total. Our white string lights have 7 watt bulbs, every foot on white cord. A 100-foot string is 700 watts and/or 6.36 amps.

Looking for support for your lights that lends a rustic look to your event? Consider our Wine Barrel package for outdoor lighting.

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