Ideas For 2020 New Year’s Eve Party

Monday, December 23, 2019

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New Year’s Eve Party Themes For 2020

The holidays are now upon us and before you know it, it’ll be a new year! What sort of New Year’s Eve Party are you wanting to throw this year?  Consider one of the following party themes to make your new year’s bash a fun and memorable celebration.

Wine Tasting Party

Round up some bottles of your favorite wines and have a tasting for your guests. Whether it’s more casual and everyone brings their favorite bottle, or you want to hire a sommelier for a fancier bash, your guests will love sipping thoughtfully chosen reds or whites all night long. Don’t forget to whip up a cheese board and other finger foods too!

Dessert Party

What’s better than dessert? Even more dessert! Tell your guests to bring their favorite dessert to your bash, and supply a few of your own, plus coffee and ice cream. Everyone can sample a little of each dish and start the new year with a satisfied sweet tooth.

Holiday Cookie Party

If you didn’t attend any Christmas cookie parties before December 25, now’s your chance to get your sugar fix! Have everyone bake a batch of their favorite cookies, and munch on them all night long. They don’t have to be holiday-themed, but if your Christmas decorations are still up, might as well!

Fondue Party

When it’s freezing out, sometimes the only answer is cheese. And not just a cheese board—a piping hot bowl of fondue with plenty of bread, fruits, and vegetables to enjoy it with.

Roaring 20’s Party

The Roaring ’20s was a glamorous time that’s fun to relive—especially 100 years later for 2020! Turn up the jazz and dance to the Charleston, and if you want to make guests come in costume, tell them to wear their Gatsby-inspired best! Transform your place into an old-fashioned speakeasy by making guests whisper a secret password to gain entry.

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