How to Throw an Amazing In-Home New Year’s Eve Party

Monday, December 24, 2018

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There’s a lot of stress involved in going out to celebrate the coming of the new year. Traffic is always heavy on New Year’s Eve, bars and restaurants book up fast, and the expense can be high. When you choose to celebrate at home you avoid all of the inconveniences of going out. It’s more comfortable, convenient, and cost efficient. Making a cozy, fun environment in your home will result in a New Year’s Eve party that your guests talk about for years to come.

Give Your Home Ambiance

Set up your home for comfort and good times. You can make your friends and family aware of the party zones in your home by setting up zones for drink stations, appetizers, and plenty of seating. Since the sun sets early this time of year, embrace the dim lighting. Fill your home with the soft glow of candles – try LED candles if you’re worried about a fire hazard or try lining the room with strings of lights. Using simple touches to create an attractive ambiance will really impress your guests.

Involve Your Guests with a Theme

Especially for larger groups, setting a theme is a great way to get your guests excited for the event by planning their attire in advance. You could go with a black tie event if you want a more formal feel to your party, or go playful and fun by making a dress requirement of wigs and shades or an equally fun and silly dress up theme.

Plan Activities

New Year’s Eve parties tend to span a long stretch of time – from early evening to past midnight. Keep your guests involved and entertained all night with games and activities like card games, backgammon, dice, cornhole, or bingo. Plan for everyone to write down their resolutions and play a game to the person with their resolution. Don’t make your guests wait for something fun to happen – make the fun happen!

Get Festive

New Year’s Eve is the time for party hats, streamers, horns, sunglasses, and other fun accessories and trinkets. Guests will have fun with all the party favors and it’ll make your party photos all the more memorable when everyone partakes in the fun, silly attire. You can also spice up your décor with something more festive, like a disco ball or sparkling drink stirrers.

Make Alcohol and other Beverages Accessible

Make it easy for your guests to get to the beverages. They’ll feel more welcome to help themselves and have fun when everything is easily accessible. Set up pre-poured flutes of champagne in time for everyone to arrive and replenish as needed. Set out the wine, beer, and glasses so your guests can help themselves. Also keep water or sparkling water on hand to keep everyone hydrated throughout the evening.

Ring in the New Year with Family and Friends!

Don’t forget to kick back and enjoy yourself in the company of your loved ones, too. Going into the new year surrounded by those who care about you is the best way to spend New Year’s Eve.

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