How To Get People To Attend Your Party

Monday, October 14, 2019

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No matter the type of event or party you’re planning, getting people to attend is probably most important of all. Needless to say, even the best-planned party won’t feel lively and engaging without guests there. How can you make sure you actually get the attendance you’re hoping for? Here are four tips to remember when planning your event to ensure more guests will RSVP.

Set A Firm Date

Wait to publicize your event until you’re 100% sure of your date. People need to be able to make sure the date fits into their plans, so changing the date after you’ve announced it can either make people reluctant to come or clash with other plans they have.

Give Details

Provide as many details as possible when inviting people to your party. Make it sound fun an irresistible! Talk about what you love about your party’s venue, the delicious food you’ll serve, and the entertainment. Have a theme? Be sure to tell people about it! The more potential guests know about your event, the more likely they are to commit to coming.

Use Social Media

Invitations sent through the mail are great, but don’t be afraid to embrace social media! It allows you to reach people quickly, easily, and at no cost. Make a page for your party on Facebook and invite your friends to join that way. It also allows you to easily track who can and can’t attend.

Ask For Help

Especially if you’re planning a large event, don’t be afraid to bring on friends for some help. If you have a large guest list, divide the list up between your friends to make sure invites get sent out quickly!

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