Hanukkah Party Ideas

Monday, December 3, 2018


The Party Place_Hanukkah Party Ideas

The Festival of Lights is already under way for this year, but if you’re planning on throwing a big get together for the later part of this Hanukkah season, then here are a few ideas to make your party a special one.

Potluck Appetizers and Desserts

Add the spice of variety to your Hanukkah meal with a partial potluck. Encourage your guests to bring an appetizer or dessert to share. This will give your guests an opportunity to participate more directly in the festivities and give your party a wide variety of snacks to keep everyone satisfied before and after dinner.

Give the Table Decorative Flair

Something as simple as adding a table linen can really bring everything together. Paired with cloth napkins and color coordinated for the occasion in traditional colors, such as blue and white, this will lend a sense of style to the occasion. Add a nice set of flatware and everything ties in beautifully.

Keep Dinner Traditional

While adding a modern touch to your Hanukkah party can keep things fresh and interesting, people still cherish the traditions of the holiday. Classic and familiar dishes will always please guests and make for a filling meal. Everyone looks forward to braised beef brisket, kugel noodles, and potato latkes. If you have vegans or vegetarians attending your event, make variations on meals that they can enjoy. Egg-free fried potatoes and fresh vegetable crudité can be dipper in faux sour cream sauce made from whipped coconut cream.

Individually Wrapped Desserts

This will make desserts easier and give a personalized feel to your meal for each guest. Wrapped desserts are also easy to carry out, which minimizes leftovers. Bake miniature cheesecakes in a paper-lined cupcake tin. Challah donuts, too, can be made miniature. Serve on dinner plates or arrange on cake pedestals.

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