Event Lighting Trends For 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Party Place_Event Lighting Trends For 2018

Lighting your event can result in a few different outcomes; the right lights can make a memorable event into an enviable benchmark affair, but the wrong lights can either overwhelm or effectively erase your details altogether. Lighting is arguably one of the most important aspects of event planning, so this season, keep these three lighting trends in mind.

Event Lighting Trends For 2018

Cafe Lights

These strand lights feature “Edison-esque” bulbs and are both charming and gently illuminating. CafĂ© lights are perfect for early evening, outdoor events that transition comfortably to nighttime. Additionally, these lights are a perfect complement to your event canopy.

LED Curtains

This unique trend in event lighting is a simple curtain of bantam lights, subtle enough to supply flattering lighting and striking enough to attract a line of selfie-takers. Alternate LED curtains along a stationary wall or make them a feature of the party and encourage guests to pose for pics nearby.

Wine Barrel Lights

Wine barrel lights are another outdoor feature for the upcoming spring and summer event season. These singular pieces feature an antique wine barrel adorned with market-style lights that drape from high poles jutting up from the center of the barrel. Create a graceful dance, lounge, or bar area by surrounding it with these unique light fixtures.

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