December Birthday Ideas

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Party Place_December Birthday Ideas

With December knocking on our door, everyone will be eagerly anticipating winter holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s. Most of us know at least one person, however, who has a different reason to celebrate in the final month of the year. Those with December birthdays often feel overshadowed by other holidays. There’s no reason a December birthday can’t be special, though! If you have a loved one with a birthday coming up this month, consider throwing them a special party. There are lots of fun seasonal treats and tricks you can incorporate that will make it a party to remember.

DIY Ornament Party Favors

There are tons of ways to personalize and decorate different seasonal ornaments. It’s fairly easy to find empty, clear plastic tree ornaments that you can color or fill with fun decorative things. You can also use mason jars to make decorative pieces, even snow globes!

Gingerbread House Party

Making a gingerbread house doesn’t stop being fun as you get older. This party activity can engage guests of all ages! Find a place to lay out the house pieces and candy decorations, then let your guests go at it. Then, after the party, they have a fun decoration to take home – or eat!

Hot Chocolate Bar

Everyone loves a warm drink to help them thaw out from the winter chill. Set up a table where guests can choose their choice of hot chocolate (such as dark, milk, or white), and their different add-ins. You’ll want marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, and candy canes. For adult-only parties, include a liquor of your choice on the bar as well.

Snow Cone Bar

Snow cones might not keep you warm, but they’re still an excellent wintertime treat. If you don’t have your own snocone machine, you can easily rent one. Let your guests customize their treats with an array of different flavorings, such as the usual offering of syrups, different sodas, or even flavored liqueurs if you are entertaining a 21 and over crowd.

Ice Skating Party

Kids with December birthdays will have a blast gliding around the ice with their friends, and teaching your little ones to ice skate can be an excellent bonding activity. Bring pizzas or buy food at the rink to keep the kids entertained while the Zamboni cleans the rink.

Craft Snowflakes

This is another kid pleaser. This activity is creative and inexpensive. Get paper in white, silver, and blue, then show the children how to trace and cut them. You can hang these up for additional decoration or let the children take them home as party favors.

With a little forethought and effort, December birthday parties can be tons of fun!

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