Complete Your Event Kitchen With These Kitchenware Items

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Party Place_Complete Your Event Kitchen With These Kitchenware Items

Putting together a kitchen from scratch takes quite a bit of know-how, time and equipment. You can start with large appliances like grills, coolers and hot boxes, but you will also need a number of smaller items. Use this list as a suggestion; there are a number of ways to make your own kitchen, so be sure to make the one that’s perfect for your event.

Cutting Boards — This item is an absolute necessity in any kitchen so be sure to stock up for your event.

Heat Lamps Keep hot food at serving temperatures during dinner service with these handy heat lamps.

Blender — Another common kitchen item that can complete your prep space is this high-powered blender.

Double Burner Hot Plates — Complement your grill with this double burner for delicate sauces and low-heat food items.

Black or Red Hot Soup Kettles (Warmers) — Soup stays piping hot in these charming vintage-inspired kettles. Choose from striking red or sober ebony.

Stockpots — These kitchen essentials are for more than just soup stock. Make sure your event chefs are well prepared by providing as these stockpots.

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