Choosing The Right Altar For Your Wedding

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Party Place_Choosing The Right Altar For Your Wedding

The centerpiece of your big day is your wedding altar. It can be as simple as a podium or as extravagant as a tulle and fresh flower laden arbor. Regardless of what your wedding day plans require, we have the perfect altar for your nuptials. Consider one of these charming and memorable altars, arbors, and chuppahs:

A birch tree arbor is a gracious nod to the Pacific Northwest that will effortlessly complement your outdoor wedding.

A brass arbor is a classic piece of decor that plays well with most wedding decor, as it can be easily decorated to match.

A natural wood arbor has a buoyant appearance, with a light wood tone that marries well with tones of wedding white. It is also available in walnut wood.

A white wood arbor is identical to the natural wood arbor save for it glossy white sheen.

The deluxe white arbor is ready for your fresh flowers and your curtains of tulle but also stands alone as a pleasant destination for the wedding march.

This Chuppah is a vision draped in pearly white chiffon and topped with your choice of flowers.

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