Choosing China For Your Event

Monday, March 19, 2018

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There are many different varieties of serving plates you can feature at your upcoming event. From lavishly gilded plates to contemporary dinnerware to vibrantly hued soup bowls, there are many distinct styles to choose from. Consider these five specific china sets for your event:

For The Lavish Event

Katherine China — This gold edged china is perfect for a formal evening event, but will also compliment sophisticated daytime affairs.

For The Whimsical Daytime Event

Fun Factory China — This china is perfectly suited to birthday parties and other joyous celebrations. Choose from a variety of colors to find the perfect complement to your party ‘s color palette.

The Party Place_Choosing China For Your Event-2For The Contemporary Wedding

White Coupe China — This sleek, ivory dinner set is an easy choice for a wedding; it effortlessly complements even the most creative themes.

For The Modern Dinner Party

White Triangle China — Unique and memorable, this china balances novelty with ingenuity resulting in a surprisingly ergonomic plate that flawlessly complements 5-star dinner party fare.

For The Springtime Tea Party

Vanessa China — The charm of this delightfully trimmed china will be talked about long after your tea sandwiches and petit fours have been nibbled.

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