A Short Guide to Choosing Your Trade Show Booth Rentals

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Party Place_A Short Guide to Choosing Your Trade Show Booth Rentals

Trade shows require a dynamic and engaging presence for your business, and there’s no better way to achieve legendary booth status than with a comprehensive rental package. Your booth can be far more than a static backdrop, a 6 ft table, and a handful of branded proclamations. Consider these few items The Party Place often supplies for trade show gigs:

Banjo Pipes and Drapes – Opt for shades that complement your logos to create a memorably branded booth

Velvet Ropes – Nothing says exclusivity like a velvet rope. Use these to maintain crowds during convention or expo signing events.

Retractable Aisles Stands – Manage lines to and from your booth with this unassuming retractable aisle barrier.

Sequin Pipe and Drapes – Add a bit of panache to your booth with a section of sequined sparkle. Perfect for signing and photo opportunities.

Red Carpet – Treat the VIPs right with this indoor use red carpet. Paparazzi are recommended but not required

White Vinyl Fencing – For both outdoor and indoor events, this charming bit of fencing can elevate your booth or cordon off food and beverage areas.

Wine Barrel Misters – The key to a successful summertime event is atmosphere – and these misters will not only keep your guests refreshed, they’ll spread rainbows for a 10-yard radius.

Rent these trade show and staging items and more from The Party Place.

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