4 Must Have Trends for Your Kids Party in 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Party Place_4 Must Have Trends for Your Kids Party in 2018

Whether you are having a party for a young kid or a young adult, these 2018 kids party trends apply even if you are having a birthday party for yourself. Nothing will infuse your party with that youthful whimsy more than some of these top trending concessions. Any one of these items can take the party to the next level.


Nothing feels more exclusively like a fair or carnival than the smell of cotton candy in the air. Even though technically cotton candy is just spun sugar, it looks and tastes like a cloud of yumminess. Known in other parts of the world as candy floss or fairy floss, you can even incorporate it into a favorite fantasy theme like fairies, unicorns, and of course, the circus. You can get a Cotton Candy Machine with all candy supplies included at the Party Place. Click for more details.


Balloons are the easiest way to decorate a party. You can color coordinate, create arches for people to walk under, and create ceiling masterpieces that will wow your guests.  Helium balloons can be incorporated into any theme. Another popular theme this year is indoor camping with mini tents for each of your sleepover guests. You could hang sparkly stars from balloon strings to create the effect of being “under the starts” while still indoors. You will want to consult a professional at The Party City (503) 548-4880 to make sure you get the right size for you party needs. Click on our Helium Tanks Rentals page to see what our rental options are.


Your party looks great but how does it smell? Even the best parties forget that there are other senses you can tickle to fully entertain your guests. A popcorn machine transports you to another place and can really reinforce that feeling of not being in Kansas anymore. Popcorn is a great snack to hold guests over until the real food and dessert comes. The Party Place has two popcorn machines available. Popcorn machine supplies like a popping kit and popcorn bags are also available to rent at The Party Place.


Sno Cones are always a hit with the youngsters especially when they get to choose the colors; Red/Cherry, Purple/Grape, Orange/Orange, Blue/Bubble Gum, Blue/Raspberry. Usually a gallon of syrup can make about 120 cones. Of all the concession rentals available at The Party Place, the Sno Cone Machine provides the most entertainment. Each guest can make their own sno cone creation with a delicious balance of their favorite colors and flavors.

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