4 Kid-Friendly Activities For Your Fall Event

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Party Place_4 Kid-Friendly Activities For Your Fall Event


It’s Time To Start Planning Your Fall Parties And Events

Summer is nearly coming to a close and fall will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start planning for any big events or parties you have coming up for fall! Do you have everything you need for your fall event? Do you need more tables or chairs for your guests to sit at? Do you have enough serviceware for the food? Remember that it gets darker earlier in the fall. You may need some extra lighting to keep the event swinging as the sun goes down. The Party Place has everything you need in party rentals and supplies items for your big fall event.

Make It Fun For The Kids

Although most kids associate fall with going back to school, there’s still fun to be had after summer is over. If you’re planning a fall event that kids will attend, there are many fall-themed activities you can include to keep them entertained throughout your event.

1. Bob For Apples

This is a classic game that is ideal as a seasonal activity for your fall event. You don’t have to wait until Halloween for this game. Kids are sure to be ready to jump right into this silly, fun activity even earlier in fall.

2. Make Pretend Potions

Tis the season for all things magic and spooky. Set up various fun ingredients that kids can choose from to make their pretend potions. This fun activity may even spark some interest in experimenting with science as kids observe how ingredients interact differently with one another.

3. Go On A Leaf Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got leaves on the ground, it’s a great time for a scavenger hunt! Decide what types of leaves (oak, maple, evergreen, etc) are on the scavenger list, and send the children off on a race to complete their lists.

4. Decorate Pumpkins

Especially closer to October, this is a great fall-time activity. To keep things simple and safe, opt for painting rather than carving so kids of all ages can participate.

The Party Place Is Your One Stop Rental Shop For All Your Fall Party Supplies

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