3 Reasons Your Upcoming Event Needs A Donut Wall

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Party Place_Why Rent a Donut Wall for Your Portland Area Wedding

The hottest trend in Portland weddings and events is — you guessed it — a wall of donuts. In the city that made the bacon donut commonplace and boasts two of the nation’s most groundbreaking donut shops, is it any wonder we are now decorating entire walls with donuts? We’re not keeping Portland weird so much as we’re keeping Portland flush with fried dough. That said, here are 3 reasons you absolutely NEED a donut wall at your next big Portland event.

3 Reasons You Need a Donut Wall at Your Event

1) Everyone loves donuts — no exceptions

It’s embedded in our American culture; the fluffy frosted donut can be seen printed on our clothing, painted in our museums and interpreted as all manner of artistic, quirky home goods, including furniture.

2) In Portland, our donuts are our pride

The buck doesn’t stop at Voodoo; with Pip’s Original, Blue Star, and Coco’s Donuts calling Portland home, it seems like we’re hogging all the donut talent in the nation for ourselves

3) Truly wow your crowd with variety and whimsy

A wedding or birthday cake can offer variety in the form of layers, but that’s about it and the trend of event cupcakes is firmly in our cultural rearview mirror. With donuts, you can offer multiple flavors at a fraction of the cost of decorative cupcakes or multilayered cakes.

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Donut Wall photographed by Jane & Co. Photography with floral stylings by Amanda Karam Floral Co. and styling by Your Perfect Bridesmaid. Desserts provided by Salt & Straw Ice Cream & Blue Star Donuts – Hawthorne.

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