3 Linen Styles to Consider While Planning Your Event

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Party Place_3 Linen Styles to Consider While Planning Your Event

Your tablescapes will be complemented exceptionally by the perfect table linens, so taking the time to choose the right table coverings is crucial. Events vary, and so should the decor we choose to celebrate these events. Daytime weddings and evening galas are vastly different events, but they may both benefit from stiff, ivory tablecloths. Meanwhile, garden parties or awards luncheons may take place around the same time of day, but the decor associated with these events couldn’t be more different. Consider these three styles of linens as a starting point when planning your next big event.

3 Linen Styles to Consider While Planning Your Event

Majestic – Majestic table linens are available in 33 remarkably different hues. These simple, bold linens can be matched flawlessly to your existing color palette and are an excellent complement to multicolored, dynamic centerpieces.

Nova Patterned – With more than 27 styles, these detailed linens are sophisticated and opulent without being too stuffy. Consider these linens for formal, black-tie events.

Nova Solid – More than 24 different hues make up the available spectrum of Nova Solid linens. Choose colors directly from your established color palette or find elegant complements.

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