5 Easy Halloween Appetizers

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Party Place_5 Easy Halloween Appetizers

Halloween is just around the corner, and plenty of people are looking for a place to cut loose and party. Everyone knows that an important step in party planning is to make sure your guests are well fed. The Party Place wants to help making party planning easy for all your party planners in Portland. To give your spooky shindig a little extra something, here are five easy to make and delicious Halloween appetizers!

The Party Place_5 Easy Halloween Appetizers-1Banana Ghosts

This one’s easy and healthy! Unpeel your banana, chop it in half, and use chocolate chips at the pointed end to make a spooky ghost face.


The Party Place_5 Easy Halloween Appetizers-3Clementine and Celery Pumpkins

Peel clementines or small oranges and insert a small piece of celery into the middle to make a stem. Rinse and repeat until you have your own miniature pumpkin patch.


The Party Place_5 Easy Halloween AppetizersSilly Apple Bites

With apples cut into wedges, you can make a silly apple monster. A wedge cut out of the apple piece makes for a mouth, which you then fill with sunflower button. Sunflower seeds make teeth and strawberry slices make a little tongue. You can even make your own edible googly eyes for your monsters.


The Party Place_5 Easy Halloween Appetizers-4Witch’s Broomsticks

Make broomsticks with just string cheese, pretzel sticks, and fresh chives. Cut your string cheese into thirds, then make lengthwise cuts about halfway up. Stick your pretzel into the cheese on the uncut side and bind with a piece of celery.


The Party Place_5 Easy Halloween Appetizers-5Witch Hats

Halloween appetizers just wouldn’t be complete without a little something sweet. Best of all, you can hide more sweets inside this witch’s hat. For this witchy treat you’ll need sugar cones, Italian pizzelle cookies, and black candy melts. First, fill your sugar cone with candies of your choosing. Melt your candy melts, then coat the edge of the cone with the melted candy. You’ll use this edge to stick the cone to the pizzelle cookie, then flip it and paint the whole thing with the rest of your melted candy. Just like that, you have your own edible witch hats with surprises inside!

These snacks will be sure to keep your guests talking for many Halloweens to come. To complete the presentation of your seasonal treats, make sure you have the right equipment to present them! The Party Palace is the the largest inventoried and varied capabilities event rental company in Oregon. We offer all the party rentals you could need. For laying out and presenting food, we have tables, platters, trays, and all you need to display your party’s appetizers.

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